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fashion illustration week


Fashion Illustration has been described as prose poems, having more fictional narratives than design drawings. They are more obviously filtered through an individual vision than photos.

This September 9-13 Illustration Institute offers a week-long series of workshops, presentations, and artist talks on fashion and fashion illustration, sponsored by the Roxanne Quimby Foundation. Learn secrets of fashion illustration from pros through drawing workshops using actual clothing, drawing from observation and on-site sketching, demonstrations, and lively discussion with designers.


WORKSHOPS are full, but please join us at the free evening presentations!!


Evening lectures will take place at Maine College of Art’s Osher Hall, 522 Congress St, Portland, ME.


WORKSHOP SCHEDULE for those attending:

Monday, September 9

9:30 am – Intro to Fashion Illustration workshop, Alex Rheault

12:30 pm – Break

1:30 pm - 4:00 pm – Intro to Fashion Illustration workshop, Alex Rheault

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm – History of Fashion in Art lecture, Edward Maeder

Tuesday, September 10

9:30 am – Fashion Illustration Workshop, Bijou Karman

12:30 pm – Break

1:30 pm - 4:00 pm – Fashion Illustration Workshop, Bijou Karman

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm – Fashion Illustration Lecture, Jenny Kroik

Wednesday, September 11

9:30 am – Fashion Illustration Workshop, Jenny Kroik

12:30 pm – Break

1:30 pm - 4:00pm – Fashion Illustration Workshop, Jenny Kroik

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm – Fashion Illustration Lecture, Bijou Karman

Thursday, September 12

10:30 am – Fashion in Practice Panel Discussion – Jill McGowan, Adele Masengo Ngoy, Roxi Suger, and Alex Rheault

12:30 pm – Break

1:30 pm - 4:00 pm – Drawing Off the Rack with Alex Rheault

4:30 pm - 6:30 pm – Final Reception

Friday, September 13

9:30 am - 12:30 pm – Open Studio with Alex Rheault, Jenny Kroik, and Bijou Karman


Workshops and presentations by:

Alex headshot.jpeg

Alex Rheault

Workshop: Sketch with Attitude! Fashion Silhouette & Groupings

Fashion sketching techniques create poses with attitude and groupings on a page. Visualize clothing ideas, generate animated shapes, and garments in a varied short-hand method. Draw from actual clothing and accessories, drawings or photographs, printouts, and magazine tear sheets. Create dynamic illustrations for booklets, book art or zine content, paintings, paper dolls, design brainstorming, and more!

Suggested supplies: 14 x 17 inch 400 series Strathmore pad, Crayola markers or Pipsqueeks, Crayola crayons,Water soluble crayons (6 colors) simple watercolor kit and Round brushes 12 or 10, 6 or 4, and a smaller 2, 0, or 00, rag, cup, any other supplies you enjoy from collage material to glitter!

Bio: Alex Rheault is Assistant adjunct lecturer at UNE, curates exhibits and collaborative projects through drawing room, and teaches drawing and acrylic painting at Artascope. Rheault served as Artistic Director to Quimby Colony’s Fashion, Costume, and Textile Artist in residence Program and modeled for illustrators Kenneth Paul Block, Steven Broadway, and Robin Read in NYC. She enjoys varied community service, motorcycling, and studying Craniosacral Therapy techniques.



Bijou Karman

Workshop: Icon: Techniques for Bold Fashion Illustration

Creating memorable and bold fashion illustrations through a strategic approach. Techniques covered include: picking intriguing subjects; exaggerated proportion for the fashion figure; achieving a wow factor; creating a character; representing fabric textures; picking a focal point; boldness through flat color; painting without lines; and over-the-top power clashing. Students are encouraged to bring reference materials to work from, though some will also be provided.

Bring: Strathmore 300 Series Bristol paper pads (14 x 17, 9 x 12, or 11 x14 inches) and any or all of the following media: colored pencils (can be water soluble), Black Magic ink or FW Acrylic ink, watercolor set or tubes, gouache or acrylic gouache, your favorite brushes, pencils and eraser.

Bio: Bijou Karman is an artist and illustrator from Los Angeles, graduated with Distinction from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. She is inspired by fashion, vintage images, Googie architecture, the 1960’s, nostalgia, strong women, a love of print and bright colors, and plants.

Her client list includes Rihanna, Converse, Cinespia, ELLE Québec, Harper’s Bazaar Russia, InStyle, Knit Wit, Le Kilt, Stance socks, Little White Lies, The Los Angeles Times, AHD Paper Co., Papyrus, Peuterey.

Bijou recently created a mural on the Nike Los Angeles store, illustrated a campaign for Prada eyewear, and released a collection with Zara. She has created illustrations for The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Harper’s Bazaar,, and The LA Times, among others. She has also illustrated 6 different books on subjects ranging from feminism to fashion.


jenny bio teitel crop.jpg

Jenny Kroik

Workshop: Portland Stories

This workshop explores using observational skills to notice the stories around us in clothing and street style. It will cover sketching and thumbnail technique, use of color, and how to collect information "in the field" in order to create images later in the studio. Participants will disperse in the Portland Museum of Art or outside in Portland and spend some time drawing, then use the sketches to create a final painting.

Bring: 1) Sketchbook, 8x10" in size or larger. *Recommended brand: Bee Paper, Aqubee. 2) Drawing/painting tools of your choice: pencils, pens, watercolor, color pencils, markers, iPad/digital etc. 3) Camera, or other recording tools (for field-trip section of the workshop)

Bio: Jenny Kroik is an NYC illustrator, painter and art instructor. She created 3 covers for The New Yorker Magazine, and her recent illustration clients include The Washington Post, The LA Times, Penguin Random House, Nob Hill Gazette, Athens Voice, The Highly and more.



Edward Maeder

Lecture: Fashion in Art: Mirrors of Humanity

Fashion, often considered frivolous, elite, or inaccessible, mirrors complexities of who we are. Historic and contemporary imagery and illustrations reveal what we believe, how we act. Maeder’s insights capture how we perceive what we wear and why through artworks that record idiosyncratic, personal and socio-political structures.

Bio: Edward Maeder, from Black River Falls Wisconsin of Bernese ancestry, is graduate of University of Wisconsin and the Courtauld Insititute of Art, London. The Greenfield Guru, is a textile and dress historian, and curator who sleuths through the seams determining the origins of garments. Walk this Way catalogues the Stewart Weitzman historic footwear collection in a series of exhibits currently travelling the US, one of many of Maeder’s book and curatorial projects.



Adele Masengo Ngoy

Bio: The designer behind 'Masengo Designs' is Adele Masengo Ngoy. Based in Portland, Maine, Adele has over 30 years of experience in the fashion industry–dating back to her accomplishments as a university fashion design student in her country of origin, the Democratic Republic of Congo. While living in the Congo, Adele designed clothing for the elite. Adele is a talented tailor and designer who can create anything you dream up, including original custom wedding gowns, special occasion attire, and everyday business wear. She is especially known for her ability to perform intricate alterations, her authentic designs and her ability to create them from scratch, which she has done for women of all shapes and sizes, worldwide. Adele is also the president & founder of Women United Around the World and owner of Antoine’s Tailor Shop and Formal Wear.


Jill McGowan - Focus Photography.jpeg

Jill McGowan

Bio: Jill McGowan is a clothing designer and owner of Jill McGowan, Inc., a nationally recognized women’s apparel brand founded in 1994. She is best known for her line of white shirts for women inspired by her experience as a pattern maker for men’s clothing.

Her designs are sold in stores throughout the country and have been featured in the New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar, and Women’s Wear Daily.

Visit her new location in downtown Portland at 107 Exchange Street.



Roxi Suger

Bio: Roxi Suger is the soul and spirit behind the brand of Angelrox. Born in Oklahoma and raised in music soaked Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Roxi went on to be a part of the fabric of New York City for eighteen years with a passion, fervor, and ingenuity that never waned. She is honored to have taught at Parsons School of Design while establishing her company and brand.

Angelrox is a family business bolstered by an accomplished staff and supportive community. Suger with her wonderfully talented husband Julian Schlaver and their sweet son moved Angelrox to Biddeford, Maine in 2012. Each garment is now crafted carefully and lovingly in an historic textile mill. Their first store, Suger, is located right up the hill with a second location now open in Portland. Angelrox is sold in more than two hundred fine boutiques across the country and collected by hosts of sweet fans.